Online pokies, which are commonly referred to as slots are the most popular casino games and by far the most played. These games can be found in all online casinos and feature innovative graphics and diverse themes to afford you lasting gaming experience. More info at .

The Evolution of Pokies

Pokies have undergone remarkable development since they were invented by Charles August Fey in late 1890s. Then, they were known as fruit machines and featured only three reels and a handful of symbols. This pokie became a hit then. The popularity has been booming since then.

Pokies soon became a hit all over the world. The creation of online pokies, nevertheless, was perhaps the greatest breakthrough for pokies. The games became more accessible since they were available online, and all one needed to do was join an online casino to enjoy them.


Playing Various Types of Online Pokies

The most common online pokies are 3-reel and 5-reel pokies. 3-reel pokies are the classic pokie machines, only that in this scenario, they're played online. The pokies utilize limited symbols and have 3 spinning reels. These online pokies are still a hit, just like they were when they were invented.

With the 5-reel pokies, gamers have many chances of winning since they incorporate more symbols and bonus games. Some of them even have progressive jackpots, which pays handsomely. 5-reel pokies are popular among players for entertaining graphics, varied gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and big jackpot potential.

Progressive Online Pokies

Players who have been in the industry for some time know that mega rewards are at the progressive jackpot online pokies. These type of pokies, which can either be linked or stand-alone, have jackpots that can rapidly run into millions. The cash to be won grows with every wager.

This goes on until a lucky player wins the mega jackpot. Progressive online pokies are some of the most exciting games because of their huge potential to change a winner's life forever. They are quite limited but the good thing is that you'll never miss multiple titles in leading casinos.

Developers of Online Pokies

The online pokies that you play in your casino are developed by different developers, some of whom have experience spanning years. The game designers invest their time and effort to ensure you get a fine final product. The developers have created a variety of games to give you multiple choices.

Casinos have games from different providers and as such, you are able to play online pokies from more than one designer under one roof. Notably, some designers create games that really do stand out. To have a more engaging and rewarding experience, you can try out games from these developers.

Online Pokie Myths

There ate myths associated with online pokies. You may come across the claim that online casinos use special digital keys to reduce your chances of winning. Well, this is a not true since winning in online casinos while playing pokies is purely by luck

You may also be told that placing bets with the maximum amount increases chances of winning. This is not true since winning is determined by Random Number Generators (RNG) which randomly select the winning combinations. Go ahead and enjoy your favourite online pokie without these myths in mind.